Zack Allan Character Profile

Zack Allan was the security chief on Babylon 5 after the end of the Shadow War. Jeff Conaway played the role.

Zack wasn't a stereotypical hero. He was just an average guy trying to do the right thing.

Note: This is a complete biography of Zack Allan. Therefore, it contains spoilers for Seasons One through Five of Babylon 5. The biography is written in chronological order, so if you are watching Babylon 5 for the first time you can safely read the early parts of this article and stop before you reach the sections that would reveal events that you haven't seen on the show yet.


Zack Allan had a checkered past. Security Chief Michael Garibaldi gave him a second chance with a job on Babylon 5.

The Security Officer

Zack Allan worked as a security officer and shuttle pilot on Babylon 5 during 2258.

On New Year's Eve, Security Chief Garibaldi was shot by his own second in command. After Garibaldi's recovery in 2259, he promoted Zack Allan to become his new second.

Zack was conscientious and always tried to play by the book. When the Nightwatch was set up on Babylon 5, he joined up, seeing it as an easy way to make an extra 50 credits a week. Zack's loyalties soon became torn, however, when he began to have qualms about the Nightwatch's motives and methods. He was encouraged to report people for their political opinions rather than for committing any crimes.

After martial law was declared in 2260, Zack Allan decided to side with John Sheridan. He lured the Nightwatch members into a docking bay where Sheridan captured them.

During 2261, Zack acted as the security chief after Garibaldi was captured by the Shadows. When Garibaldi resigned after the end of the Shadow War, Zack Allan was promoted to head of security.

The Security Chief

Zack Allan felt guilty about having Garibaldi's former position. He tried to talk Garibaldi into returning without success. He was forced to retrieve Garibaldi's weapon, link, and identicard, which made him feel even worse. However, Garibaldi betrayed Zack's trust by using a duplicate identicard to smuggle Lise Hampton through customs.

Zack had a crush on the telepath Lyta Alexander. The only time he worked up the courage to confess his feelings for her, Lyta was in a telepathic trance and couldn't hear him. Zack was the only member of the crew who seemed to appreciate what Lyta did for them and felt sorry for the way she was treated.

After Garibaldi reconciled with Sheridan and became the director of the Interstellar Alliance Covert Intelligence Division, Zack no longer felt guilty about taking his job. He threw himself fully into his work and established himself as a skilled head of security.

Zack served as security chief for several years during which he was involved with several incidents such as the situation with Byron's telepaths. In fact, if Zack's instincts about Byron had been followed, the fiasco may have been avoided.

The Later Years

Many years later, Zack retired and returned to Earth. Six months before Sheridan's death in 2281, Zack became bored and rejoined EarthForce, returning to Babylon 5. He met Sheridan during his final visit to the station. Zack was present during Babylon 5's decommissioning ceremony.

In the years that follow, Zack spent time on Centauri Prime, keeping Emperor Vir Cotto focused on matters of state.