Lennier Character Profile

Lennier was the assistant to Minbari Ambassador Delenn. Bill Mumy played the role.

Lennier was unswervingly dedicated to Delenn to the point that his own judgement became clouded.

Note: This is a complete biography of Lennier. Therefore, it contains spoilers for all five seasons of Babylon 5. The biography is written in chronological order, so if you are watching Babylon 5 for the first time you can safely read the early parts of this article and stop before you reach the sections that would reveal events that you haven't seen on the show yet.


Lennier was born into the clan known as the Third Fane of Chudomo. He was a member of the Minbari Religious Caste. He was raised in a monastic setting in a temple and studied languages, mathematics, and combat techniques.

In 2247, several members of Lennier's family died on the Black Star when the Lexington, under the command of John Sheridan, attacked it.

The Attaché

In March 2258, Ambassador Delenn selected Lennier to be her aide, so he left Minbar and traveled to Babylon 5. As his first duty, he made preparations for the Nafak'char, a Minbari rebirth ceremony.

Delenn demonstrated her great trust in Lennier at the turn of the year from 2258 to 2259. First, she sent him to contact Vorlon Ambassador Kosh and ask the question, "Have the Shadows returned to Z'ha'dum?" Then, he watched over her while she was sealed in her chrysalis. During Delenn's incapacitation, Lennier informed Sheridan and Lieutenant Commander Ivanova about Jeffrey Sinclair's capture at the Battle of the Line. Lennier also secured Dr. Stephen Franklin's services when Delenn emerged from her chrysalis.

Lennier remained loyal to Delenn even when she was forced out of the Grey Council. He also joined her in ministering to the Markab during their quarantine despite the risk to his life.

Lennier also put others besides Delenn ahead of himself. He helped to clear Captain Sheridan's name when a fellow clan member, Lavell, sacrificed his life to frame Sheridan for murder as revenge for his attack on the Black Star. In January 2260, Lennier sustained severe injuries when he save Centauri Ambassador Londo Mollari from a terrorist bomb.

Lennier met regularly with Vir Cotto, the Centauri Attaché. Their friendship was an outlet for their feelings about the profession they shared. An aide's position offered little authority but was just as stressful as being an ambassador.

Lennier served a vital role on the White Star, interpreting for the Minbari crew when Sheridan or Ivanova commanded the ship.

In May 2261, Lennier accompanied Delenn to Minbar where she underwent the Starfire Wheel ordeal and formed a new Grey Council.

Over the years, Lennier's devotion to Delenn grew into a spiritual love that yearned to be a romantic love. It was quite clear to him, however, that Delenn had no romantic interest in him. Lennier grimly identified with Susan Ivanova's words, "All love is unrequited." Soon thereafter, Delenn married John Sheridan.

The Ranger

Lennier was in love with a married woman. He felt uncomfortable around Delenn and Sheridan, and also felt unneeded by Delenn. He used Delenn's name to request a replacement and arranged passage to Minbar. Upon his arrival in January 2262, he joined the Anla'shok. He kept a diary in which he professed his love for Delenn and his belief that her marriage to Sheridan was a mistake. Lennier's instructors were concerned about him because he trained excessively and recklessly. They feared that he had joined the Rangers for the wrong reason.

In June 2262, Lennier returned to Babylon 5 to experience the Brakiri Day of the Dead. During the festival, Mr. Morden visited him and told him that he would betray the Rangers.

The following month, Delenn secretly ordered Lennier to begin investigating possible Centauri involvement in the attacks on Alliance ships. He joined the crew of White Star 27, which was supposedly on a training mission near the Centauri border. Only Captain Enrique Montoya was aware of Lennier's true orders. When Sheridan recalled the ship, Lennier took a fighter without authorization to continue his mission. He recorded evidence of a Centauri attack but was left stranded in space for several days. He was almost out of air when he was rescued. Lennier's evidence led to the withdrawal of the Centauri Republic from the Interstellar Alliance.

During the escalating tensions with the Centauri during August 2262, Lennier and Delenn were attacked and left stranded in a damaged White Star. As a Centauri fleet closed in, apparently to finish them off, Lennier admitted his love to Delenn. When the fleet rescued them instead of killing them, Delenn awkwardly pretended that she hadn't heard what he said.

As Delenn and Sheridan prepared to move to the new Alliance headquarters on Minbar in September 2262, Lennier took leave from the Rangers to help Delenn. During the trip to Minbar, Sheridan and a Ranger were trapped in a compartment with a deadly coolant leak. Lennier approached the other side of the automatic door, but instead of rescuing them, he fled, irrationally seeing this as his chance to rid himself of his rival for Delenn's love. He soon regained his senses and returned to the scene of his betrayal, but Sheridan had already escaped and help had arrived. Lennier stole a fighter and vowed never to return until he could earn Delenn's forgiveness.

Little is know about Lennier after this point. It is rumored that he made a final sacrifice and was killed in 2265 during the telepath crisis. Years later, on the eve of Sheridan's death, Delenn remembered Lennier during a toast to absent friends.