Babylon 5 Magazine Issue 16 Review

First Published: 10/17/99

Issue 16 of The Official Babylon 5 Magazine is the November issue. There apparently is no "October" issue. This month, the 64-page glossy color magazine seems to highlight the connections between Babylon 5 and Crusade by concentrating on "Each Night I Dream of Home" in which Richard Biggs and Tracy Scoggins appear and Stephen Furst directs.

The cover this month features the five ambassadors to Babylon 5 (including Sheridan) plus Vir Cotto. There is a poster of Susan Ivanova included in the magazine. Unfortunately, this poster is bound three sheets from the center making it difficult to remove and impossible to view inside the magazine.


This issue is anchored by interviews with Daniel Dae Kim and Stephen Furst. In addition to playing Vir Cotto, Stephen Furst has directed several episodes of Babylon 5 and Crusade. The Stephen Furst interview is accompanied by a profile of the character of Vir Cotto. A similar profile of Talia Winters also appears in this magazines. These two articles go well together because both characters are ordinary people rather than heroes. But while Talia consistently chooses to avoid action until it is too late for her, Vir eventually develops into a man of action.

There is also a short interview with Robin Sachs, who has played several smaller roles on Babylon 5. Mr. Sachs provides a seldom-seen viewpoint as someone who is neither a regular nor an outsider.

Episode Examinations

"Each Night I Dream of Home" receives close scrutiny in this month's "Station Log". This in-depth look includes a synopsis, behind-the-scenes information, and interviews with the creator and actors. This was the last episode of Crusade shown.

The "Videodrome" articles document set visits conducted during the filming of episodes currently being released on video in the UK. This month, the magazine looks at the climax of the fifth season Centauri story line portrayed in "Movements of Fire and Shadow" and "The Fall of Centauri Prime". The first article contains some interesting thoughts from Bruce Boxleitner on his character's less action-oriented arc in season five.

The final installment of the "From the Set" article series covers a set visit to "Visitors from Down the Street", Babylon 5's reverse look at The X-Files.

Regular Columns

The Babylon 5 Magazine includes several regular columns. "ISN News" contains short news articles about Babylon 5, Crusade, and their casts and crews. Fiona Avery's "Illuminations" column takes amateur Internet critics to task this month. In keeping with the main point of her article, she provides constructive criticism and advice about how to be a better critic. ISN News also contains an interview with J. Gregory Keyes, writer of Final Reckoning: The Fate of Bester. Elsewhere in this issue is a sample chapter from the book.

Other regular columns include the "Zocalo", which reports on the latest Babylon 5 merchandise, "The Great Machine", a forum in which Fiona Avery answers your questions about the Babylon 5 universe, and letters from readers. Mike Colbert, a member of the crew, provides an anecdote from the set of Crusade in "Dazed & Confused".

The issue is closed out by J. Michael Straczynski's "The Last Word". This is a banner month for long-term followers of Mr. Straczynski. He finally tells the story of the infamous shower, in which the idea for Babylon 5 suddenly coalesced in his mind.


The Official Babylon 5 Magazine is published by Titan Magazines in the UK, but it is also available in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It seems like it took me no time at all to read this issue, but it still packs in plenty of unique information.